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I have recently graduated from The College of Wooster and received my BA in Computer Science. While in college I loved being an active member of Wooster's varsity golf team as well as a club member of Men Working for Change. I have developed skills in web development like Python, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, HubSpot CMS, WordPress CMS, Java, SQL, and many more over the years with an emphasis on full-stack development. As you explore my profile you will see that I have worked on numerous projects since finding my love for web development Junior year in high school.


KeyBank · KTOS Rotational Analyst

Full Time · July 2022 - Present

The KTOS analyst program is 18 months in duration (3, 6 month rotations) and 3 weeks of intensive training

Managed 50+ large Kubernetes clusters in different environments with 10+ nodes each

Onboarded 3+ KeyBank applications by building clusters, setting up permissions, and guiding app teams

Created 3+ deployment configs and build pipelines to migrate from on-prem to the Cloud

Spoke with 10+ high level SW engineers, architects, and scrum masters to learn and understand work flow

First rotation as a DevOps Engineer focusing on Container Management with hopes to rotate to a SWE position

Kiwi Creative · Junior Web Developer

Internship · May - August 2021

A web development and marketing agency that provides high-end client products

Gained full certification for HubSpot CMS and SEO skills through training programs

Built 5+ production ready, streamlined pages with top application optimization processes

Built efficient, scalable, and client ready databases with HubDB

Planned large clientele projects with top Kiwi administrators and designers

Ares Development · Web Development Sub-Contractor

May 2018 - May 2020

Project team lead for design, database, and web page implementation

Designed and built 15+ web pages for internal and external affairs

Diagnosed complications and implemented solutions for 2+ large client facing applications

Experienced the pros and cons of working with numerous developers on a single complex project

Collaborated with other team leads in big picture project discussions often accompanied by the client


(216) 256-4408



College of Wooster (Wooster, OH)

  • · Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science
  • · Graduated: May 2022
  • · Awards: Dean's List Spring 2021
  • · Cumulative GPA: 3.2


Java, JavaScript, Python, CSS, LaTeX, HTML, C++, C, SCSS, PHP

Dev Tools

Git, VS Code, Visual Studio, Nginx & uWSGI, Flask, Hubspot CMS, WordPress CMS, PostgreSQL, Jenkins, Docker, MSSQL, Azure Data Studio, Insomnia, GitLab, containerd


SketchUp, WebRotate360, Microsoft Office, GitHub Desktop, PyCharm, SPSS, Macro Excel, Powerpoint

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