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Incoming college freshman need to plan ahead. These dedicated, passionate students already have a lot on their plate, and planning for dorm room living is one of these challenges. Most universities don’t have detailed dorm room layouts, leading to confusion and misinformation about how much space is provided and what students actually need to bring along with them. Abode Interior fixes this problem.

Through the use of the software described below, campus dorm rooms and houses can be scanned resulting in a 3D model that visualizes the space. Students can interact with the model, allowing them to see their room before moving in. It will inform students of the characteristics and dimensions of the space, giving students enough information to adequately prepare for move-in day.

Step 1: Canvas Scan

In order to convert a room into a 3D model, Canvas’s iPad attachment scans the space, returning with a rough model of the dorm room or house. Canvas provides:

Accurate measurements

Reliable and efficient conversion

Average scan time of 30 minutes

Step 2: Scan to CAD

Through Canvas's Scan to CAD services, the space can be converted into a professional-grade, editable, and applicable CAD file for only $29 per room.

Colored model to help identify furniture

Dynamic .skp files useful in application

Step 3: 3D Application

Using Webrotate, the CAD model can be placed in a website for students to interact with. Webrotate allows for:

Simple drag and view functions

Hotspots for specific attributes

Room Summary

In order to provide you with the most information, we go through the rooms in person and collect all the data you could ever need. We supply:

Dorm hall details

General room features

Furniture dimensions

Commute times

Integrated maps and images


Ben Foltz

Hello everyone! I created Abode Interior to help others that are just as confused about their move in process as I was. I'm looking to be able to assist more people, however I need your help in expanding!

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