The complex move in
process made easy.

Everything you need for a dorm and more. Resources for parents, students, and schools.

Designed for students

Students gain the ability to view all apsects of their room before they arrive on campus.

Room layout

Directions to essential facilities

See what your school provides

Simplicity for parents

Parents can rest easy knowing their student will be fully prepared for move in day and the rest of the year.

Prepared on the first day

Answers the hard questions

Management for schools

Proper back-end management built with the users security in mind which does not limit the schools control over their rooms.

Add users with ease

Control who views your rooms


Finally find the right information.

Abode Interior is where you can come for all those important but overlooked details about your room.

See all aspects of your room.

Our summary page is easy to navigate, and provides you with the most important information about your room.

Interactive model

The interactive model helps you see the layout of your room while letting you know what you can and cannot move.

Room summary

Helpful dorm details, room features, dimensions, and commute times. Also don't over pay, see what your school already provides.


See contact information for important school faculty should you need more help.

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There's more than
what you see.

The model comes close to showing you everything, however to help you visualize the space we provide you with images of your room, dining halls, and even the lounges.

Multiple images

The essentials

Maps integrated


See what others have to say.

Hear from Abode Interior clients about their experience with our product.


James Polak

"Ben has been incredible to work with in the creation and implementation of Abode for Gilmour Academy. Beyond his high level of technical competency he has very thoughtfully incorporated features that we required for privacy, safety, and management."

Instructor in Social Studies and Entrepreneurship


Make your rooms stand out.

Give prospective students the best opportunity to see what your school has to offer.


Efficient three step process.

We understand that schools deal with a lot, this is why we have minimized the time it takes to scan the rooms and only requiring access to the dorm.

Average imaging time of 20 minutes

Average scan time of 30 minutes

Intuitive user management page.

Our back end management page for residence directors allows you to see each users full name, role, email, and assigned room.

Add users with ease

Through our add user page you can create new students, parents, and deans depending on your needs.

Control your rooms

Users can only view their room, that way you'll always know who has access to what room.


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